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Stoked Crossfit

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Why CrossFit?

Most people have tried working out at a “traditional” gym before coming to CrossFit. For many, something was missing. While there are countless differences between a CrossFit gym and the typical “globo” gym, some of the greatest differences are highlighted in this list from CrossFit Montcon:

They have CNN or Kelly Clarkson playing in the background. We have other members cheering you on to finish your last rep.
They have cardio machines that tell you you’re going too fast. We have trainers that are telling you you’re not going fast enough.

They have mirrors. We have trainers that tell you how to correct your form.
They have biceps curls and cable crossover machines. We have squats and dead lifts that you’ll actually be able to transfer into real life.

They sell you a membership and hope you only come for one month. We want you to come as often as possible to help change your life.
They have a 20 minute workout in 2 hours. We have a 2 hour workout in 20 minutes.

They have a machine at the front desk where you swipe your card. We have knowledgeable trainers that are ready to give you all the fitness information that you ask for.

They train for looks. We train for life.

On any given day we are required to perform physical tasks that we may or may not be ready for. If we are up to the task the risk of injury is limited, however, if we are not but believe we are the risk of injury is great. The CrossFit program was originally developed by legendary coach Greg Glassman with the goal of improving an individuals’ fitness level so they can be ready for whatever physical challenges may arise. The program focuses on improving an individual’s overall physical condition by using constantly varied functional movements. These functional movements include pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and running. CrossFit workouts include the use kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, jump rope, or pull-up bars to condition and strengthen your body. As you progress you will notice an improvement in 10 key fitness areas. 

These fitness areas include:

  • Cardio-respiratory Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy

Each CrossFit workout is challenging but each workout is scalable to your fitness level. As you become better conditioned and your body strengthened you will be able to increase your workout load. CrossFit classes are group classes lead by a Certified CrossFit Coach. You will immediately find yourself in a supportive community encouraging each other to succeed. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out and wanting to get in better physical condition the CrossFit program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.