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Anthony Stokes

#1 State Masters CrossFit Champion 2015

2015 & 2016 CrossFit Masters Regional Competitor

#1 2015 WODLIFE Summer Games Masters Champion

Level 2 CrossFit Certified Trainer

My name is Anthony Stokes, and I’m a 41-year-old husband to Buffi (also a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer) and father of two boys.  I have been in competitive sports since I was very young. I played baseball at the collegiate level for two years at a local community college.  I was offered the opportunity to play an additional two years at a four year college; however, I decided to get married and go to work.

Approximately, a year into our marriage my wife and I, fearing putting on the marriage pounds, decided to join a local Globo gym. With both of us having played collegiate level sports, and being of a competitive nature, we got involved in Body Building.  I competed in several shows and won my weight class in a few of them. After several years at a Globo gym along with the body building form of training and diet, I became bored and unmotivated. I also was not satisfied with the strain this type of lifestyle put on my body.

The one positive aspect that came from my Globo gym membership is that I met Brett Ellis, who is now a Level II CrossFit trainer and owner of CrossFit Rabid which was one of the first affiliates in the State of Alabama.  Brett introduced me to CrossFit.  After watching him perform odd and different type movements, I was very intrigued and finally did my first WOD.  This workout hooked me and I have been doing CrossFit for the past three years, never bored, and my motivation has only increased.  I have been amazed at what I can do and continue to set the bar higher.  The opportunity to have and train under an elite Level II coach over the past 3 years has helped prepare me as a coach and affiliate owner.

I believe CrossFit has and will continue to revolutionize the landscape of the Fitness Industry.  CrossFit is a tool that we can use to help people reach their fitness goals.  I want to introduce CrossFit to people and do whatever I can to help others set and obtain their fitness goals, goals beyond what they think they are capable of, striving to reshape people’s image of what true fitness is.

It is a passion of mine to coach along with the passion to make a difference in our community.  What I noticed about CrossFit was its passion for community.  Because of my exposure to CrossFit, I have participated in a number of charity runs in addition to the Barbarian Challenge in Gadsden, Alabama. These are events that I had never taken part in my prior fitness journey.  I have also been involved with youth for several years, either through coaching or mentoring.  My wife and I, currently, have a youth outreach in where we open up a gym and football field to the kids in the surrounding area.   Each Wednesday, we have almost 90 kids from the ages of 6-18 that come each week to play, hear a positive message, then have dinner.  I would love to see the younger generations get involved with CrossFit and not make the same mistakes I made in my journey for a healthy lifestyle.  I feel CrossFit would help our younger generation build a great and healthy work ethic.  This passion coincides with the CrossFit passion for bringing communities together through either charity support or just the camaraderie of the class setting.

The passion for pushing myself, both physically and mentally, along with my passion for coaching and commitment to making our community stronger, are the reasons for Stoked CrossFit.